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Hey new to this forum and new to 40k so i apologise in advance for any noobishness lol was hooing i could get some advice on how to field and use a chaos space marine army against dark angels.. One of my mates said he was interested in starting 40k (i used to be a vc and ogres player) so we went halves on dark vengeance, including the models that come with Dv i also have an obliterator, terminators, normal chaos space marines, rhino, bikers, and bezerkers that i bought years ago. What kind of army could i make with these models and how to use them? (i havent got the codex its my next buy and i have alot of bits that i could use to convert one of my models into a psyker or something if needed) any help would be aprecciated :)

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Hi man, welcome into Heresy!
First of all you should decide the usual amount of points that you and your pal will play.
1500 pts should be good enough. (even 1000 if you don't want to spend too much $$)
Then you should definietly grab a chaos codex copy, to learn the rules and to build your own list!
With the model you have i'd say you could have:

Khorne Lord w/murder sword or axe of blind fury
Sigils of corruption
(the DV Lord is just fine. the sword looks wicked enough)
-135 pts

15 Chaos Marines (you can have these mixing regular marines and berserker. Paint them all red and the trick is done)
Mark of Khorne
Power Axe (champion) (the DV Chosen with axe is just perfect)
Meltabombs (champion)
-255 pts

15 Cultists
1 Flamer
8 Autoguns
-83 pts

5 Marines
Combimelta (champion)
Rhino w/extra combimelta
-140 pts

3 terminators
3 combiplasma
-112 pts

3 Bikers
2 plasmaguns
-100 pts

1 obliterator
-70 pts

1 Helbrute w/reaper autocannon (a little conversion and the stock multimelta becomes a good looking autocannon)
-105 pts

1000 pts.

Not competitive at all but i guess you will have some fun.

Lord and Marines to crush things in cc
Cultists to hold objectives/ stop bullets
5 marines in rhino to hunt tanks and capture easy objectives
Bikers to harass enemy marines
terminators to mess with the enemy with some rapid firing, deepstriking, plasmadeath
Oblit and helbrute for long range support, helping each other, maybe advancing the board if you have a thing for brawling.

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Neferhet doesn't give bad advice, but I'd swap the models he recommends for champion and lord. Take that Chosen with a power axe and count him as a Lord with the Axe of Blind Fury, and run one of the other Chosen/the Lord as your squad leader.

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Hey thanks for the quick replies ive gotten the book now snd have been messing around with a few idea's for a 1000pt army but i still have to add my hq preferably a phyker and a couple more chaos space marines...

5 chosen
Gift of mutation
Mark of korn
Icon of wrath
Veterans of the long war
Pair of lightning claws
Power axe x2
Power fist
Rhino transport
Gna use these guys to take out whatever is worrying me most on the day.

20 cultists
Mark of nurgle
Heavy stubber
Basicly my meat shield gave them the mark to give that little extra toughness to protect my more important units.

5 Space marines
Mark of tzeentch
Icon of flame
These guys will be my phykers entourage picking guys off from a distance.

1 hellbrute

1 obliterator

What do you guys think of this list so far and how should i finish it off? :)
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