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Hello and welcome to my painting, modeling and whatever else related to my army blog! :good: Maybe at some point there might be some other minis too.

Even though I'm more a gamer than a painter I still like that my army looks as cool as it can when reasonable amount of time is used for painting. The reason for this blog is to show others what I have done and get feedback for it of course... Also I would like to get suggestions about different painting techniques and color schemes. Alternative miniature suggestions for GW range are most welcome too, as you will soon see I already use some and have many others in mind for the future.

My Chaos Undivided army at the moment consists of the following:

Chaos Space Marines

Chaos Lord on bike
Chaos Lord/sorcerer in power and terminator armour

10x Chaos Space Marines (Undivided)
10x Chaos Space Marines (Mark of Slaanesh)
2x Chaos Rhinos
20x Cultists

2x Helbrute
Few chosen models

Fast Attacks
6x Chaos Bikers
5x Raptors (Undivided)
3x Obliterators (HiTech Terrorizers)

Chaos Daemons

Herald of Slaanesh

10x Daemonettes (Raging Heroes Preying mantis)
10x Pink Horrors (Dryads)


That's my army a few days ago. I don't know why I couldn't post it as image but that has to do for now. :cray: I won't be posting more pictures of those at this point but will of course show more if requested.

My army's color scheme I've been doing is quite simple. My undivided units will be painted pretty much like Black Legion. I don't know has games-workshop successfully planted the idea into my subconscious that chaos should be golden black (most GW painted models of FB and 40k chaos I have seen have been painted that way) but anyway that's pretty much the case in my opinion. Also that fits nicely into my other goal: paint quite fast, because that color scheme is really easy to paint.

Now I have painted only Slaanesh troops in addition to undivided and them I painted with Emperor's Children and Abaddon black as main colors. I've been thinking I always keep Black as my main color and only add the mark respective colors to the scheme. So every model is gonna be at least partly black. These are by no means locked up ideas so feel free to suggest something else.

Next post will show my current project up close.

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So here it is:


As you can see I have started painting the first obliterator (terrorizer) but I got a little doubtful about the colors I was gonna use. So I would like to have some suggestions how to paint these? I was thinking the flesh parts could be something like rakarth flesh, biel-tan green and nuln oil, but I'm not sure about the outcome.

And yeah I guess it's good to mention that these are going to be Nurgle :grin:
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