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Well personally i think it depends on what you want the rest of the list to be.

Noise marines would provide a good source of anti-horde firepower, lacking if you take multiple obliterator squads.

Thousand sons are tough to kill (depending on what you're facing its a toss up between them and plague marines for survivability) but the ap3 bolter is a gimmick in my eyes.

Beserkers are nice in combat but the age old problem of getting them there is still around. Careful manipulation of rhino hopping could work but....

Plague marines are pretty tough and probably the best source of plasma in troop choices (feel no pain helps overheats and the ability to take two plasma in less than ten models is better than normal CSM). Rhinos are their friends here really.

Normal CSM i just can't see the point in. 10 marines to get a heavy weapon...probably not worth it. 10 marines to take two special weapons, meh, better with plague marines as they have more survivability.

Personally i'll be taking oblits as my heavies so a few squads of sonic blaster noise marines and a plague marine squad in a rhino with dual plasma as my troops.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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