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I partially disagree about the Word Bearers : Crimson Slaughter are close to them, but every former Legion should use the Black Legion supplement, with some specific rules and changes for Chosen. For the Word Bearers, I would imagine, for instance :

- Chosen May be turned into Possessed (15pts/model, giving it Daemon, Fleet, Instruments of Chaos and Fearless rules). A kind of super-possessed "Gal Vorbak" unit with bolters and grenades,

- Another option being to allow jump-packs for Chosen all equipped with flamers (Ashen Circle),

- Options when the Warlord is a Dark Apostle (use of the Daemons Warp Storm table, Book of Lorgar making him Psyker 1 with the Cursed Earth power for 30pts, allowing to pick up 1/3 of units from the Daemon Codex, ... these are Just on-the-fly ideas),

- Use Crimson Slaughter Relics instead of CSM Artefacts.

The Crimson Slaughter supplement fits the Night Lords suite well too with the Fear for everyone, but is intented to later Chaos Warbands.

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well, you are taking it a lot more into complexity than my intent was :)
And i thought i was exaggerating with options!
About CS, yes they are not the same, but in a pinch, i've seen a couple of armies really close to what a Bearer army would be
Possessed as troops, sorcerors that can summon daemons better than anyone else, chaos apostates with a crozius of evil leading mobs of cultists...mmh....rings a bell to me.
Sure ... that's the way I'm currently playing Word Bearers. But, fluffy speaking, the VotLW restriction makes Crimson Slaughter a non-Word Bearers supplement (same goes for the Night Lords and the "Fear for all" rule for Crimson Slaughter CAD). Globally, the Crimson Slaughter is currently the best way to design Word Bearers lists ;)

For the rest, I'm not particularly looking at designing and using new rules for my games. I'm just throwing on-the-fly ideas about the Legions, hoping that formations or rules will soon be provided for them (and for Warbands of the same type, as for the SM Chapters accroding to the Loyalist Legion they come from).

Maybe I'll try up some custom formations as time and games go on, though.

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Guys, here we ahave a lot of fun stuff! I've noticed a trend in all this: while i am more used to let CSM buy for their extras, others go for Chaos Chapter Tactics, with flat bonuses and some extra upgrades.
I think the second way is better.
I'll even say that we should do just like the loyalist and allow no particular extra equipment or option, just giving some flat bonuses a la Chapter Tactics should be ok.
What do you think?
After some more thinking, and according to what has been said here, I would propose a basic scheme for those "Heretic Legions Tactics" (that could also be chosen by Chaos Warbands inspired from them). It could be the advantages of specific formations, replacing one or more advantages of a CAD or having its own additional cost :

These tactics would have 4 elements :
- The supplements that may or may not be used,
- A specific rule for some Elites (particularly Chosen, but it can be for Terminators or Possessed, according to the Legion concerned) ... not something too powerful, but making them closer to the fluff,
- A generic rule,
- Some restrictions or mandatory choices.

For instance :

"Emperor's Children :

- May be set up from CSM Codex, as far as BL or CS supplements.
- One Chosen unit may be upgraded to a "Phoenix Guard" unit, giving its models "Feel no Pain (4+)" for 6pts/model.
- The Warlord, as far as Noise Marines champions, may have Dirge Casters.
- All the units must have the "Mark of Slaanesh" (whenever possible). No Cult Marines, except Noise Marines, are allowed."

"Night Lords :

- May be set up from CSM Codex, as far as BL or CS supplements.
- Chosen may have jumpacks (6pts/model).
- All the units in Terminator or Power Armour, as far as Hellbrutes, cause "Fear", are not affected by the night and are Shrouded during the night.
- No unit, except Cult ones, may be Marked by any God."

"Black Legion :

- Must be set up from the BL supplement.
- One Terminators unit may have WS+1, BS+1 (6pts/model, with or without Abaddon as Warlord).
- May select the generic rule of any other Heretic Legion.
- All the units must take the VotLW option (whenever possible, BL supplement restriction)."

"Word Bearers :

- Must be set up from the Crimson Slaughter supplement.
- One Possessed unit may be upgraded to a Gal Vorbak Elite for 6pts/model. This unit may reroll its "Intruments of Chaos" dice every turn.
- Overriding the Crimson Slaughter supplement rule, the VotLW is available for all the units in Terminator or Power armour, as far as Hellbrutes.
- The army list must include a Dark Apostle."

"Alpha Legion :

- May be set up from CSM Codex, as far as BL or CS supplements.
- All Chosen units have the "Infiltrators" rule (6pts/model).
- Allied detachments are always considered as "Allies of Convenience".
- Battle Brothers allied detachments are also considered as Allies of Convenience."

"Iron Warriors :

- May be set up from CSM Codex, as far as BL or CS supplements.
- Chosen may replace bolters with all the weapons available to Havocs. One unit of Chosen may have the "Tank Hunters" ability (6pts/model).
- All models in Terminator or Power armour, as far as Hellbrutes, have Move trough cover (Ruins).
- The detachment must include a Warpsmith."

"Thousand Sons :

- May be set up from CSM Codex, as far as BL or CS supplements.
- One Chosen unit may be upgraded to "Thousand Sons Cult Covenant" (+6pts/model), a level 1 "Brotherhood of Psykers" (+25pts for level 2, +50pts for level 3). They have access to Force Weapons and Aura of Dark Glory. Any Sorcerer with the Mark of Tzeentch whose unit is in 12'' of the Covenant may use their powers.
- Sorcerers have access to Divination and Telekinesis disciplines (additionally to the normal ones). Any Thousand Sons Marines unit within 12'' or led by a Sorcerer are "Relentless" instead of "Slow and Purposeful".
- All the units must have the "Mark of Tzeentch" (whenever possible). No Cult Marines, except Thousand Sons, are allowed."

I lack of inspiration for The World Eaters and the Death Guard, but the principles and guidelines could help us find something.

What do you think about it ?
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