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Initial thoughts for Legion rules (yet again...).

Bonuses only apply to non-vehicle models unless specifically stated.

Alpha Legion: May modify all reserve rolls, friendly and enemy, by 1. Re-roll Seize the Initiative, enemies must re-roll successful Seize rolls. Cultists and Chosen have Infiltrate, everything else has Outflank.

Black Legion: Black legion supplement.

Death Guard: Everything that can have Mark of Nurgle must have Mark of Nurgle, and cannot take units with Marks other than Mark of Nurgle. Can Rapid Fire bolt weapons and charge in the same turn (but can't fire other weapons and still charge - if you have 9 bolter dudes and a plasma guy, the Plasma can't fire). 5pts to give Template weapons Shred.

Emperor's Children: Everything that can have Mark of Slaanesh must have Mark of Slaanesh, and cannot take units with Marks other than Mark of Slaanesh. Units can re-roll a single D6 on their charge distance and have the Crusader special rule. Lords can take a Dirge Caster, and vehicle mounted Dirge Casters double in range.

Iron Warriors: Don't take Morale from shooting casualties, Havocs gain Tank Hunters, regular CSM units can take Heavy Weapons instead of Special Weapons wherever that would be an option (so 2 heavies per 10 men).

Night Lords: +1 to roll for Night Fight, army causes Fear, Raptors become Troops, and units gain Shred if they outnumber their enemies in close combat. May choose to automatically fall back whenever they're forced to take a morale or pinning check.

Thousand Sons: Everything that can have Mark of Tzeentch must have Mark of Tzeentch, and cannot take units with Marks other than Mark of Tzeentch. Lords can take Mastery Levels for 25pts per, up to Mastery 2. Sorcerors can buy 3 additional Mastery Levels rather than 2, and have access to Divination. If a unit contains any Psyker, the AP value of their Bolt weapons is reduced by 1 to a minimum of 1 (does not apply to Inferno Bolts).

World Eaters: Everything that can have Mark of Khorne must have Mark of Khorne, and cannot take units with Marks other than Mark of Khorne. All units gain Hatred, and all close combat weapons are upgraded to Chainaxes at no additional cost (Chainaxes go to Str User +1, AP-, -1 Initiative on the wielder).

Word Bearers: Re-roll failed psychic tests when casting from Malefic Daemonology. Can upgrade Dark Apostles to have Chaos Lord statlines (+1 WS/W) for 25pts. Regular CSM gain +1 Leadership.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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