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Any reason why the Deathguard, World Eaters, Emperor's Children, and Thousand Sons (and retroactively Black Legion, with VotLW) cannot just have "All units that can take the Mark of (appropriate god here) gain it for free. In addition Plague Marines/other can be taken as troop choices."

I know by default having an HQ with the respective Mark unlocks them, it's just to prevent any potential issues.


Also for the Alpha Legion, I would put it that CSMs, Cultists, Chosen, and HQs gain infiltrate.


The Night Lords "feel" OP with their second rule...also what is the point of having to take a Ld test? Moral can cause a unit to fall back off the table, and pinning causes the unit to be pinned. I just do not get the point of a Ld test there, what am I missing?
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