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Thanks! And you're absolutely sure contemptors aren't worth it?

250~ points for one with two butcher cannons seems like a steal...
No, absolutely not.

Consider that for 195 points you can have 3 Rapier Batteries with Hades Autocannons. There are trade-offs vs. taking a dual butcher Contemptor, sure, but I consider some of the pros to be:

- 50 points cheaper
- 12 S8 shots instead of 8, which also cause Pinning
- A T7 unit which uses that toughness for the CSM crew/ablative wounds, i.e. isn't going to be insta-'sploded by a lucky lascannon or melta shot
- Pairs very well with a Crimson Slaughter Balestar Sorc for Twin-linked, Ignores Cover, or an Invuln Save; additional Leadership isn't a bad thing either

Sicarans are good. I'd leave 'em without sponsons personally, but between the two lascannons would be my choice for the reasons given earlier. The ability to ignore jink with a mid/high-strength weapon with Rending seems best used against vehicles, so heavy bolters would sorta be pointless.

I'm gonna pick up a Kharybdis for the Fist of Khorne formation. Not all that good, in honesty, but the only way we can deal a potentially fatal alpha strike. On their own, I think both of our drop pods are total shit.
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