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Chaos Space Marine Rumors

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Since we seem to be getting some buzz let's kick this off with what's going around so far (from BoLS' forums):

via Nostromodamus on 12-27-2014

One project that is more on the horizon is plastic Chaos Cult Troops. I can say that the Plague Marines are more bulky and tailored for the new bases. Standard 5 man squads per box with all weapon options and nice bits to spruce up the Champions.

via Nightfury on 12-27-2014
2015 will be the year of supplements and campaigns. Dark angels will almost certainly feature in the next campaign which i heard quite possibly is called DarkStorm
~The opponents to the Dark Angels are said to be Crimson Slaughter

via Steve the Warboss 1-8-2014
Regarding Codex Chaos Space Marines

-No Cult Marines in the Codex
-Few Rule changes
-Dataslates for Cult Marines, Terminators, Chosen ect. in White Dwarf
-One Chaos God per Issue (each with their own dataslates for Berzerker Termis, Plague Termis ect.)

via Steve the Warboss 1-9-2015

Further clarifications for CSM Cult Marines

-No own Profiles/Choices for Cult Marines in the Codex
-Cult Marines are "upgrades" for the most of the CSM Units
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Personally I don't believe the 40k rumors regarding a supplement for Khorne and no new 7th codex. Several reason for this:

1) There is a vast difference between 6th and 7th edition codexes, some being LoW additions and formations. I don't believe they will simply let that edition stand, as it is not on par with their new model for the game.

2) As Venomlust wrote, this is the exact same rumor that came up about a year ago. It doesn't make a lot more sense now than it did then.

3) I think they are confusing rumors for WHFB and 40K at this point.

4) There is a big interest in cult troops for the Chaos Space Marine line, and the army is pretty popular. In addition to new base sizes, I don't think they would squander the opportunity to sell repackaged models with bigger base sizes, along with the new models, that would never see the light of day without at least a supplement for each god. The current rumor simply says Khorne is in the works and no other - I simply don't believe that.

Until we get closer to the release-date, I call bollocks on the current rumors.
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There is a rumor about the next end times book focusing on khorne.
Precisely my point on rumors being mixed up for Fantasy and 40k.
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