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chaos sisters models

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ok, ive finally got around to uploading the pics of the chaos sisters i have done up so far.

first is my cannoness, terminator lord with a simple head swap, im doing her up as a special character for my army, i could probably patch up the paint job a bit more later on as i build the army up and get it painted more.

next and final for now is my veteran celestian, i used the dark angels so that the celestians stand out more from the standered sisters, a head swap and an added banner on the back pack. problem is the sister doesnt feel so chaosy to me :( any ideas on sprue packs or just stuff to do to them?

[edit - forgot to add the pics xD]
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haha yeah a tad bit of a heretic XD

on the suggestion of the shading and washing chuck me some ideas, im not the best with them as i tend to stick to the apply paint good game paint scheme as im not taht good but im willing to try new stuff :p

@humakt - i only really used the space marines to make the celestians squad stand out :p for the standered troops im using the sisters of battle models, some green stuff on the sholder pads to hide the emblems. only problem is the I dangly think which im just defacing so i dont have to chop and file it off xD (they arnt painted yet, hopefully doing soon :p)
hey i got that, thanks for the advice ill give it a shot and upload results in a few dayssee how it goes

@daz, yeah i had a feeling itd come down to that, ill try clipping and filing and see how it goes first haha, power tools and me is a bad idea XD
okies, done up my normal sister squad leader (havent figured a name for them)

standered veteran, cut off her chainsword, greenstuff on the shoulers to hide emblems and added some horns to her helmet

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haha yeah, it is now i look at it XD stole that out of a blood letters box that i was using for my accro flagelants
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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