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chaos sisters models

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ok, ive finally got around to uploading the pics of the chaos sisters i have done up so far.

first is my cannoness, terminator lord with a simple head swap, im doing her up as a special character for my army, i could probably patch up the paint job a bit more later on as i build the army up and get it painted more.

next and final for now is my veteran celestian, i used the dark angels so that the celestians stand out more from the standered sisters, a head swap and an added banner on the back pack. problem is the sister doesnt feel so chaosy to me :( any ideas on sprue packs or just stuff to do to them?

[edit - forgot to add the pics xD]
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I think these guys are crying out for shading/highlighting, but I do like the colour scheme on them.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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