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Hi !!

You probably remember have seen this one in the gallery last year :

This year I've done a second one :

And this time I've done a tutorial with lot of pictures.
Don't hesitate to show us your own realisation :)

Let's go :

* First you need this

* Prepare all the stuff to check if you have all you need

* Let's go with the first difficult part : the tail

* If you put correctly this specific plate then you'll have a slight inclination

* Use the third arm without the claw

* Be carefull to sticking the tail well in line with the body

* The top plate should be parallel with the bottom one

* Adjust and paste

* Paste the second plate and insert the blade in the gap

* Second hard part : the front

* Cut to obtain an 90° angle with the cannon

* The green part is a bit larger than the red one, adjust the width until it fits perfectly

* The "head" (that's why I use a soulgrinder, you don't find this in the defiler box)

* Cut the right cable length

* Insert the cables under the plates and paste the pipes on each side

* Lower the front, it'll look more agressive

* Don't use glue now, just check if it fits correctly between the gap

* Finish the weapon

* Third and last difficult part

* Be sure the third leg fits perfectly between the two others before paste

* Ok it's time to add the third leg to each side (If you are sure, you can paste after painting)

* You can use green stuff to complete the third leg support

* At this step I suggest starting the paintjob before finishing the glue

* New stuff with his old bro'

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Absolutely spectacular @lastaly. If I had to say anything it would be that you should consider including text for some/all of the steps. Pictures and nothing else can only get some people so far.

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Epic result. Awesome. Thanks
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