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Chaos Miniature Identification

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I purchased an army several years ago that was labeled "Khorne Army". I'd like to sell it now, but I'm having trouble identifying the models from the Collector's Guide or the Chaos army books I've searched through. I think the first pic might be Khorne minis, but I think the others might be Chaos Warriors or something else. I'd also like to find out what WHF edition and approximate release year they come from. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance! (sorry for the poor picture quality).

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Pics 7, 8 & 9 are Chaos Marauders, pic 6 is Chaos Warriors & pic 5 is Khorne Berserkers, with halberds swapped for bolt pistols. Pic 3 is a Chaos Chariot, flanked by 2 Knights (one might be a mounted Chaos champion. Pic 4 is the two draught horses for the chariot flanked by 2x champions from 1st Ed Realm of Chaos era, around 1990.
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