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With the new rules for unbound; crimson slaughter rules

The idea is a mechanical army, with lots of shooting. Oblits may deepstrike in the enemy lines and do some damaga. Havos are for absorbing damage for Warpsmith and give also firepower.

The list isn't for the new missions with tactical objectives. That will need more maneuverability

Warpsmith (HQ) Aura of Dark Glory; The Slaughterer's Horns;
Bolt Pistol; Power Axe; 140pts

Heldrake (Fast Attack) x3 Baleflamer 170ptsx3

Forgefiend (Heavy Support) x2 Hades Autocannon (x2)x2 175ptsx2

Obliterators (Heavy Support) 2 squads of 2 140ptsx2

Aegis Defence Line Quad-gun 100pts

Havocs (Heavy Support) Autocannon (x4); 115pts
Aspiring Champion CCW; Bolter;

Total Army Cost: 1495
Models in Army: 16

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I'd consider a HAC drake, if you're taking 3, honestly, for solid AA, and if doing that probably switsh one of the Forgefiends to EPC rather than HAC. Your choice, of course, but otherwise: rather like some Dark Mechanicus lists I've idly considered myself, though I've never written them out.
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