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Chaos Lord on a Steed

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Not posted for a while so thought I'd share my latest project of a Lord on a Steed. Pictures aren't great, hoping to have it painted soon. Been wanting to make a Lord on a Steed for a while, rather than having to proxy my JuggerLord each game.
This model is made up of High Elves horse using the Lord legs that were part of the figure riding the horse then space marine torso, head and arms. The sword is the Murder Sword from the BL codex.

I've put a picture of Typhus at the bottom to show my most recently painted model.
Feel free to add comments, suggestions etc. Cheers, Jon.

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a very bog standard equipment for the slaaneshi lord..pistol & sword...you take him just for the outflank i guess?
Yeah. You gave me a 1500 point list a while ago which included him. Since then I've used that list a lot, varying it sometimes. I had some bitz kicking around so thought I'd have a go. Got some pink paints today from GW so will crack on with it. Just waiting for the Noise marine parts to arrive so I can make another squad of them.
ah, i was in fact thinking that i could use that low set up for a list :p
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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