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Chaos Imperial Knights

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A few friends are trying to pull me back into 40 (my previous armies were stolen about 2 years back)

I've decided I want to run something with Imperial Knights, possibly 2-3 because why not. I dont intend on being serious about it, just games with friends.

So I need to find allies for the knights. I'm all for choas, so would I be able to run Imperial knights with a Chaos Marine ally force (Huron Blackheart appeals to the inner pirate)? Are there rules for chaos knights?

Its been about 2 years and I'm far behind on allies rules and updated rules so i apologize if thats a silly question.

Ill usually be running against mechanized orks, spacewolves, tau, nids, and necrons. Any tactical or build advice for chaos + knights would be greatly appreciated as I havent bought models yet.

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If you're just playing with your buddies, you can ask them if they'd be cool with essentially ignoring the allies matrix, making the traitor version count as battle bros or whatever. I honestly wouldn't find this request unreasonable if one of my friends wanted to do so.
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