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Chaos HQ-500pts

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Hiya, its jacob here just wondering if anybody could help me out here on my 500pt chaos space marine HQ choice.

My Army List Goes Like So.


Troops-7 plague marines
5 Bloters
1 Flamer
1 Melta

Troops-10 Chaos Space Marines
8 Bloters
2 Missile launchers

The thing is i'll be going up against a lot of Eldar, Space Marines & orks.
The Missiles will fire krak at the Space Marines (is frag better?) & the wraithlord (yes he has one in a 500pts list. i made the list for him :nono:). And Frag for Orks and Eldar Guardians. The Plague Marines are more of my front line force, with T5 and all those bolters and assault weapons. For HQ i have a couple of variables although i will welcome anything. I have 60 NZ dollars to buy my HQ. In case you do not know what 60$ is equavilent to... its enough to buy a daemon prince.

HQ SUGGESTIONS-145 points:
Daemon Prince-MoN, Nurgle's Rot.
Daemon Prince-Wings, Doombolt/any other psychic power
Chaos Lord-MoK, Juggernaut, Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol.

as you can see it doesn't have to be Nurgle-perhaps Khornate Daemon Prince with wings?

Thanks Guys!
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okay cool thanks, could you guys please include the points cost as i get mixed up and my codex is at my mums house, and about the mixing special weapons-if i have two meltas then i might go up against a horde and if i take two flamers i might end up fighting a Tank. Thanks anyways guys, more posts would be great!
Oh, okay.
Cool any more posts will be welcomed :grin:
Weird in my codex it says at 5 men you can choose a heavy/special weapon and then at 10 you could choose another
oh right, i came up with this new list and it goes like this-please don't get angry for the lack of upgrades on the DP

1xDaemon Prince-MoK
10xCSM +1 missile launcher-ICoG
5xCSM +1 Champion +1 Flamer + Melatabombs- ICoG
1xChaos Dreadnaught- 2x close-combat weapons

Yes Or No?

I like this list because the dreadnaught can kill that pesky (but strong) Wraithlord with help from my rocket launcher and also is good for anti tank and anti infantry with its 2 twin-linked bolters. The Daemon Prince is more sort of a footslogger that jumps into cover all though i don't think my enemy has any powerful ranged weapons with good AP. My 10 man squad is for objective taking and laying down supportive fire & my 5 man squad is more of a decoy/body count/troop-space-filler although it'll normally run alongside my DP.

Comments are welcomed and will be thanked.

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P.S. How do you get your reputation up
Okay, Cool. Any other comments will be welcomed
okay so if i dropped the dread got 1 obliterater and purchsed wings i'd be fine, right? Probably a good idea, 'cause now i can unleah a lascannon at his wraithlord at a range and then plasma cannoning his troops such as guardians before running in for some insta-killing with my powerfist!
okay but i might use lash in another context...i'd probably use it to lash the wraithlord away! that way my Obliterator and 10-man tac squad can do more damage with their heavy weapons, but once the wraithlord is out of the way i'll lash thoose dire avengers into CC and slaughter them!!!
thanks, but i'll probably only use that combination in 750pts or 1000pt games.
cool, any more advice will be welcomed.
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