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Daemon Prince
Mark of Slaanesh
Lash of Submission
Space Marines x15
Rhino x2
Khorne Bezerkers x8
Thousand Sons x8
Plague Marines x14
Terminaters x6
Dreadnaughts x2
Possessed Marines x5
Fast Attack
Raptors x5
Bikers x2
Heavy Support
Obliterators x3
Land Raider
Defiler x2

These are all the chaos space marines that I have. Any suggestions on what I should use against orks or tyranids in a 1000 point game?

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Use Plague Marines and Khorne Berzerkers in rhinos for your troops. Oblits combined with DP, and the Defilers should be good to use. Try to keep your Deffy's out of combat to keep them from getting rended or being unable to just lay a pieplate on the enemy.

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There are a few things I would take out right away:

the Land Raider, just too many points for a 1k game
Thousand Sons because your not facing MEQ and thats what they are meant to kill.
Possessed Marines because they are too random for such a small game
The Bikers because they are too many points and you only have 2, need a 3 minimum
The Raptors because again, they are too many points like the bikers. Although if your going to be playing in higher point games than 1k against Nids and Orks, load them up with flamers. Cheap and effective against these two armies.

Beyond all of those, you could use just about anything. Consider trying to make a 5 man chosen squad with all flamers in a rhino to outflank. That will be kind of cheap, but effective. Then create a 10 man CSM squad with maybe a Plasma gun and heavy bolter. The second troop selection, I would suggest, would be 7 Plague Marines with 2 Plasma Guns. You can choose which of these has a rhino, could go with either one. Heavy support should be filled up with obliterators and/or defilers. Obviously you gotta go with the DP as HQ, but make sure to give him wings.

thats my 2 cents
good hunting :good:

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It depends on what you want to do, shoot them into a pulp or meet them halfway in a bloody close combat?

Use lash to keep some units at bay like carnifex's and other powerful units while land raiders, obliteraters and other units pulp them.

Close Combat:
Lash them close so you get the charge and then destroy them.

Nurgles rot will save your ass-heaps
Flamers, Ordance,high fire rate and Blast weapons are a must.
Try getting a squad of havocs with rockets, krak for warbosses and carnifexs and frag for gaunts and boyz. that'll give you 4 blasts!
Even better if you back them up with a Defiler
If its pure horde go for plasma cannons, great, underated things they are.

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for your troops two seven man plauge marine squads with dual flamer and icon in rhino
both of your defliers and your winged lash prince. with points left over consider oblits that what the icons are for. or power fist champs for your plauge squads. havic lanchers would also be a good buy

plage marimes sit in there pill boxes and flame away.

winged lash prince is pulling the enemy out of cover and bunching them up for the defillers.

defilers blast away at the enemy. these guys can also be help ful in combat but you should just keep them shooying at your opponent.

beware of enemy out flankers particurarly genestealers and other fast units

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Take the lash prince, the defilers, 2 squads of PMs and the zerkers.
The prince lashes big units together for your defilers to shoot the hell out of (excuse the pun) and the PMs can hold that type of enemy up in assualt forever, which is just about the right amount of time for the zerkers to hop out of their rhino and mop them up with their high no. of attacks:biggrin:. A nice unit to have would be 5 terminators bare apart from a combi flamer each. DS them right next to a large unit of boyz/gretchin/gaunts and flame their ass! they then also have the survivourbility (spelling?)(Is it even a word?) to hold them up untill the zerkers arrive.
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