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A very tough list, but then it is Chaos- it's hard to make a weak list.

All I can say is what I would try to do to counter it.

Having seen the Bloodthirster on your display tray (full armies must be shown), I'd enquire about Daemonic Chains. Most probably we would swop army lists- unless you didn't want to.

You'd inform me you have Chains. I'd then ask who has them- they must be modelled on WYSIWYG.

So that out of the way- priority no 1 is the Infiltrating Plasma squad.
Try to take it out before the Greater Daemon arrives.

Other than the two uber-characters- it is quite static, and/or slow moving. I'd try to isolate it and/or hide using terrain from the static elements.

Specifically I would be using my Mech Sisters- so 'A Word in your Ear' to move the Havoc's out of joint preventing first turn gayage. Spirit of the Matyr takes the worst of the uber-character charge- a Celestian squad is a hideous and often underestimated tar pit for an uber-lord to drown in.

Callidus to slap around a las/plas squad.

Not that I'm saying it would be a walkover- in fact I'd require a lot of luck and hard work to beat it.


I'd take two plasma Infiltrating squads to every 1 meltagun. I'd put the Chains in the meltagun squad. Plasma can do damage at range, and more shots against MEq's- this makes them a slightly higher priority than the melta, which the opponent will try to avoid until later.
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Not open for further replies.