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Chaos dwarfs, books and how they get on with other dwarfs?

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Hi all.

There appears to be very little fluff or info on how Chaos and Normal dwarfs view each other or any interactions they have had. Anyone got any knowledge?

Also are there any novella featuring the Chaos Dwarfs?
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Nothing that features Chaos dwarfs come to mind but you can find them in a couple of the Gotrek novels as villains. If I remember correctly Road of Skulls is one (though that book gets pretty mixed reviews). As to your question, dwarfs absolutely hate their fallen kin. They are a stain on the race that no dwarf can tolerate. Chaos dwarfs are no more fond of regular dwarfs either, though they seem more focused on gathering slaves, building infernal war machines and just being twisted, evil mockeries of that proud race than fulfilling grudges.
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