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Hey guys, give me your input for a scenario I came up with. It's called "Chaos Divided". This is meant to be played as a massive, multi-team game on a many-tabletop landscape.


Chaos Divided

There are 4 teams, one to represent each god of Chaos (Nurgle, Khorne, Tzeench, and Slaanesh).

This scenario will be played using the Demon World ruleset for the tabletop.

Players who field themed Chaos lists (armies that include Khorne's Berserkers, Tzeench's Thousand Sons, etc.) will represent whichever god of Chaos their army reflects.

All armies must be single armies. No allies are allowed for the scenario. Demon players must field lists that are true to one god of Chaos.

After players with specific Chaos-themed armies are set aside on teams, all other players are randomly drawn and randomly placed on the 4 teams. Teams need to be as even as possible with players, and if one team has more players than others, then give the other teams extra points to spend until the point value for all teams is the same.

Every unit in a player's army is granted a Mark representing whichever god of Chaos that player is fighting for. Demon armies follow the rules set by the Demon codex, all other armies follow the Mark rules from the Chaos Space Marine codex.

Grey Knight armies cannot gain marks or possession counters. Grey Knights will earn the special rule "Preferred Enemy: Everyone", seeing as how everyone other than themselves this battle are being possessed by Chaos. Every turn, the controlling player of the Grey Knights army rolls a D6 for every single unit on the board. On a roll of a 1 or 6, the affected Grey Knights unit immediately attacks (moves towards, shoots, and assaults) the nearest possessed unit, friendly or enemy. This effect lasts 1 game turn, unless the grey Knights unit is locked in combat. If the Grey Knights kill their possessed prey (friendly or enemy), the Grey Knights player's team gains 1 victory point.

Pskyers much choose ALL psychic abilities from the table of the god of Chaos that they represent. Demon models refer to the Demon codex, and all other armies refer to the Chaos Space Marine codex.

Khorne - Whilst a unit has a Khorne counter, it has the rage special rule. At the end of the Assault phase, your opponent may remove any number of counters. For every counter removed the unit sustains D3 automatic hits as though struck by its own weapons and Strength (use the most frequent weapon in mixed units).

Nurgle - Whilst a unit has a Nurgle counter, it has the Feel No Pain special rule. In the Movement phase, your opponent may remove any number of counters. Each model in the unit must take dangerous terrain check, with each additional counter increasing the result needed to fail the test by 1. For example, if two counters are removed, the dangerous terrain test would be failed on a 1 or a 2, and so on.

Slaanesh - Whilt a unit has a Slaanesh counter, it has the Fearless special rule. In the Movement or Assault phase, your opponent may remove any number of counters. The unit moves as though moving through difficult tettain. Each additional counter increases the number of dice rolled, and the unit must use the lowest dice result rolled for their movement.

Tzeentch - Whilt a unit has a Tzeentch counter, each model in the unit increases its invulnerable save by 1. If it has no invulnerable save, it gains a 6+ invulnerable save. In any phase, your opponent may remove any number of counters. for every counter removed, the unit must re-roll one dice of your opponent's choice.

An open mind is like an open door to a Daemon, who can take advantage of any sign of weakness to possess their victim. If a pskyer incurs a Perils of the Warp test and survives, they immediately gain a possession counter.

Traversing the immaterium, especially unprotected via teleportation, is invariably risky, drawing the attention of Warp predators. If a unit rolls a Deep StrikeMishap, resolve the result as normal, but if you have the models spare, you may place a unit of up to 2D6 Less Daemons where the unit intended itsDeep Strike. These Daemons act after both players have had a turn, moving towards the closest unit and either trying to assault them or shoot them, depending on what the Daemons are armed with.

Models with the Daemon special rule are unaffected by Daemonic Possession - they're a little too far down that road already!

Daemon Worlds are often ruled over by mighty Daemon Princes, who can shape the planet to their whims. A Chaos Space Marine or Daemon army that includes a Daemon Prince may modify any roll made (by any player) on the Daemonic Hazard table by +1 or -1.

Slaanesh hungers after the souls of all Eldar, so to prevent the Chaos God consuming their souls after thei death, Craftworld Eldar weare spirit stones, glittering jewels that deny Slaanesh his prize. Eldar units are unaffected by Slaanesh counters. If an Eldar army ends up fighting on the Slaanesh team, then the Eldar army still benefits from the Mark of Slaanesh, but will take no possession counters the entire game.

When playing a game set on a Daemon World, at the beginning of each of your turns roll 2D6 and consult the following table to see what hazard befalls the battlefield.

2 - Posession - Daemonic forces attempt to possess the weak willed. Roll a D3. Place a possession counter amongst that many units (friend or foe), only placing 1 counter per unit.

3 - Daemon-wracked Earth - The ground itself seems to be possessed, great maws appearing in rocks and eyes peering out from tree boles. Choose a terrain piece. All models at least partially within it take a S4 AP5 hit.

4 - Whispers of Insanity - Dark powers whisper at the psychically attuned, driving them insane. This turn, all Pskyers suffer from Perils of the Warp on any Psychic test roll of a double.

5 - Warp Shift - In the blink of an eye, the battlefield shifts and change. Pick any unit (friend or foe) and remove it from the table. It must immediately enter play as through Deep Striking.

6 - Treachery of Tzeentch - The Lord of Change delights in turning brother upon brother. Pick any non-vehicle enemy unit, which must then make a Leadership test. If the test is failed, you may move, shoot and assault with the unit for the duration of your player turn, as though it was one of your units.

7 - Nurgle's Garden - Virulent pox-blooms blossom into life across the battlefield. Pick an enemy unit. Every model in that unit must pass a Toughness test or suffer a wound with no armor saves allowed. Your enemy may then pick one of your units,and you must suffer the same test.

8 - Khorne's Fury - Blood pours from the sky, and all who are touched by it are possessed by an unholy rage. All non-vehicle units gain the Rage special rule this turn.

9 - Lure of Slaanesh - Daemons of the Dark Prince know the price of a man's heart. Pick a point on the board. Every unengaged non-vehicle unit within line of sight to that point must make a Leadership test - if they fail, move 2D6" directly towards thatpoint immediately.

10 - All-too Horrible - As leering faces peer from the sky, it allbecomes too much. All models cause Fear until the end of this turn.

11 - Plague of Rust - Creeping Decay corrodes iron and crumbles stone. Roll a D6 for every vehicle on the battlefield. On a 4-5 it immediately suffers a glancing hit. On a 6 it immediately suffers a penetrating hit. In addition, all cover saves from terrain decrease by 1 for the rest of the game.

12 - Mass Possession - From beyond the veil daemonic forces attempt to break through. Roll a D6. Place a possession counter amongst that many units. You must place all the counters, only 1 counter per unit, even if you have to place some on your own units.
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