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Chaos Daemons list using new formations and relics from curse of wolfen release

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Hey everyone.

With the new relics, warlord trait tables and detachments provided for chaos daemons in the Curse of the Wolfen release coming up soon, I thought I'd have a stab at making a themed yet still obnoxious list. Its built around the two new "command" formations: Infernal Tetrad (rules and benefits below) and Daemon Lord (any greater daemon or special character, to bring be'lakor).

4 DP (Tetrad)

Every deamon must be aligned with a different God.
They get following accumulative benefits depending on how many models remain on the battlefield.
4 models: +1T (can’t be ID by STR 10 now)
3 models: +1S
2 models: Reroll 1’s to hit
1 model: No benefit

If your warlord is one of the DP, then all of them get the same warlord trait.

Now the plan is to have the army be one daemon prince of each god + be'lakor because he's elevated by all the gods and doesnt really have a mark (so i dont have like two tzeenchian daemons and 1 of everyone else, for theme reasons), and is just super useful. The list i'm thinking of also has some of the new relics in it, and the rules to those can be found here: http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?t=200986&page=18. Scroll to the bottom.

Tzeentch warlord traits (tzeentch daemon prince will be my WL) are here (best image i could find, sorry):

Ok, on to the list. 5 Daemon princes. I'll explain what they're given here, and my thoughts on each one's role below the list.

Be'lakor: 350

Daemon Prince of Khorne: 300 (skullreaver) or 280 (armour of scorn)
-2x Greater rewards (One will be blade of blood for additional attacks)
-1x lesser reward (Axe of Khorne, swapped for Skullreaver if taken)

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch 350
-2x Greater rewards
-The Impossible robe (3+ invuln, if failed make a LD check or remove model)

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh: 330 (350 with soulstealer)
-Warp-forged armour
2x Greater reward (1x lash)

Daemon Prince of Nurgle: 335, or 360 with corruption
-Warp-forged Armour
-2x greater rewards (1 will be balesword if i don't take corruption)

Total: 1645 to 1710 depending on upgrades, so this list will probably be a 1750 point list and I'll have to flesh it out with upgrades.

Daemon Prince of Khorne:
For the relic on this guy, I'm torn between the Armour of Scorn (3+, AW, -1 S to incoming attacks) and Skullreaver (S User, AP2, Melee, Specialist Weapon, Anathema: To Hit rolls of 6 are Strength D!). This guy will be on the ground the whole time and hopefully benefit from Be'lakor's invisibility, and the Armour of Scorn makes him a little bit tougher. SD is hard to pass up though, even if I'm putting out 7+d3 or something s8 attacks on the charge without it. If I don't take armour scorn i'll obviously include warp-forged armour, and thats included in the point costs listed for him.

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch:
When the leaks were coming out I was really hoping to make an uber hard summoning character with a combination of relics, but geedubs had to go and restrict it to one relic per model and restrict which daemons can take what relic (otherwise: impossible robe, paradox, endless grimoire. think about it). This guy will be my warlord, giving ALL the daemon princes the warlord trait he rolls due to the formation they're in. If I get a 4 on the table I'll somehow get a Khorne prince with ML1 rolling on change powers... what. Anyway, what I'm thinking for my Tzeenchian prince is having him as a summoner and rolling everything on daemonology. With ml3, there's a 50% chance he'll get cursed earth and get a 2++ rerolling 1's. Plus additional daemons for creating roadblocks and tarpits and such, typical summoning shenanigans. Just summoning feels like a waste of 350 points, so if you guys have other ideas for him, lemme know!

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh:
Slaaneshi prince's role is to pop transports and fliers with the lash. He'll be rolling on biomancy until he gets iron arm, and if I have the spare warp charge he'll also take psychic scream. The plan for this guy is going to be up in the air all the time, and all of the new Slaaneshi relics are CC oriented, so I'm not too keen on taking any of them. Maybe Soulstealer if I drop him down and have him run around in CC, but only if I have the extra points.

Daemon Prince of Nurgle:
The only relic I would consider for the Nurgle prince is Corruption: 25pts. S*, AP-, Melee, Touch of Rust (always glance on a 6), Hyper-infection (Hits by this weapon automatically Wound, no need to roll. Use the bearer’s Strength for Armour Pen and Instant Death). The nurgle prince is meant to run around psychic shrieking things and using his balesword to ID monstrous creatures. The attraction to corruption is because it will auto-wound gargantuan creatures like the wraithknight. I'll probably roll on telepathy, or just take psychic scream and roll on a different tree, but I definitely want scream on this guy (sensing a theme?).

There's the list, and what I plan to do with each prince. If you guys have any ideas or advice, I'd love to hear it. I know I should probably wait for the official rules release to make this, but the list idea just seems so cool to me.
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Didn't I JUST post this list, one entry down in the same forum?

Please note this army is completely illegal, unless you're going Unbound. 'Demon Lord' is not a Formation, it's a Command Choice in the Demonic Incursion. That's why when I wrote it I used an Allied Crimson Slaughter detachment, because he needs at least one troop choice somewhere.

The Tetrad is a formation, because it has a datasheet with the formation symbol (3 skulls inside of a circle).

Every Super Detachment (decurion, gladius, etc) has access to some of these Auxiliary/Command choices that aren't formations, but are just options for that specific Detachment to bulk things up. Commands are the most common: in Eldar you get to pick a Phoenix Lord or an Autarch (Heroes of the Craftworld, Living Legends).
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