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Well 400 pts each, and a large selection on what we both had.

Squad Harvarnu (10 Chaos Marines)
Aspiring Champion Harvanu with Power Sword and twin-linked bolter
Heavy Bolter Julianus
Plasma Gunner Quinson
And other 7 Marines

Squad Ryalon (10 Chaos Marines)
Aspiring Champion Ryalon with Power Sword and twin-linked bolter
Heavy Bolter Kevinus
Flamer Tyrus
And 7 other Marines


Possessed Marines (5) ((And they got Power Weapons on the Daemonkin Chart >.< ))

Ten man Chaos Marine Squad with Power Fist, Plasma Gun, Flamer, and Icon of Nurgle

(This is in the eyes of Aspiring Champion Ryalon, commander of my forces at this point)

The foul Word Bearers had stretched themselves too far now, regardless of whether this world was theirs at the time of the Great Crusade or not, the Midnight Fangs were their to loot an ancient Temple, and Ryalon's forces were chosen to hold off the Patrol units of Word Bearer Marines.

"Squad Harvanu are in position sir, they claim to see Word Bearer Movement to the North of us" came the stern voice of Kevinus.

"Order them to fire at will, kill all the moves" answered Ryalon as emotionless as always.

Kevinus used the vox link, and shortly after, the heavy chatter of Harvanu's Heavy Bolter began rattling, followed with the occasional sound of their plasma gun as well. It was satisfying to know that an entire squad of his men had found their targets so quickly, and a constant barrage was laid down upon the Word Bearers.

"Enemy have left their field of fire and are entering our area, they request permission to follow" said Tyrus.

"Get them to form up in the ruins to our right, we'll draw them in, and make sure Harvanu knows not to fire on us, I'll see to it that he is fed to the Daemons for every Midnight Fang who dies!" snarled Ryalon.

Looking to his right, he could see Harvanu's squad moving into position, just as a squad of Nurgle Word Bearers appeared from the bushes. It seemed that Harvanu's firing hadn't been as effective as Ryalon hoped, bolt round had struck them, but the Power Armoured Marines seem little more than annoyed. One was dragging its fellow, who was still burning from plasma wounds.

"Move back, overlapping lanes of fire, draw them in!" he said into his vox, seeing the bushes rustling as Possessed Word Bearers strode out.

His squad feel back in pairs, Tyrus staying near the rear to provide his Flamer the best choices of fire. Bolts chipped and dented the Squad's Armour, and bolts of plasma struck two, feeling them, never to rise again.

"Harvanu, target the Nurgle Word Bearers, and fire on my command!" snarled Ryalon as a gout of flames erupted forth, falling short of the Midnight Fangs.

"Understood Champion, we will fire on your command only" came Harvanu's coarse voice.

Ryalon looked to see that the Word Bearers had began pouring enough fire to endanger the Midnight Fangs, as another of his men fell to the relentless hail of bolts. Kevinus had brought one of the Word Bearers to the ground, his heavy bolter roaring as it chewed through the rubble the Word Bearers had began using as cover. But it got to its feet again, the power of Nurgle evidently showing support for the Word Bearers.

"Harvanu, open up, get their heads down!" he roared, already leaping over the wall in which he had been behind.

A plasma bolt struck one of the Word Bearers, knocking him off his feet, struggling to get to his feet, and more Heavy Bolter Rounds began to tear through the rubble. Kevinus and Tyrus were behind him, and the remender of the squad were all following wordlessly.

"Tyrus, make sure they stay down this time!" shouted Ryalon as his twin-linked bolter barked in his grip, dropping the Word Bearers Plasma gunner.

The Flamer equipped warrior leapt ahead, thrusting his weapon at the Word Bearers, and sent a long gout of flame to engulf three of the Word Bearers. They feel burning, the smell was enough to stun even Ryalon for a moment.

"Get up now you bastards!" shouted Tyrus, dropping his now empty Flamer.

"Harvanu, cease fire and reinforce our assault, the Possessed are around here and I don't want to be caught between the two!" said Ryalon.

He didn't have time to check Harvanu had followed orders, as the Word Bearers Aspiring Champion stood before him. Power Fist swinging towards him. Ducking the blow, and thrusting his Power Sword forward into the Chaos Marine's exposed stomach, he was a little annoyed to see that this usual lethal wounding technique had done nothing but tickle the Word Bearer.

"The Word Bearers have claim here Brother, do not force our wrath upon your Chapter!" snarled the Word Bearer.

"The Midnight Fangs fear no one, we have our reasons here, and we shall not leave unless the Chaos Gods themselves tell us to leave" said Ryalon as he drew his blade from the warrior.

"So be it" the Champion leapt at him, his stomach hanging open.

Ryalon spun and ducked, thrusting his bolter into the open wound, and firing on full auto, using his Sword to cleave the Power Fist from the elbow downwards away from the Word Bearer. The explosive rounds did their work, although messily, and the Word Bearer fell, twitching slightly.

Looking around, he was pleased to see his squad had exacted revenge on the Word Bearer squad, with help from Harvanu's squad, who had further aided the Chaos Marines with a charge into the flank.

The Possessed were coming now, apparently bored of waiting. And their fists gleamed with energy.

"Form a gun line here, Tyrus, take a bolter and leave the Flamer for now!" shouted Ryalon.

Within seconds, the two squads had formed two ranks, their guns gleaming in the sunlight as they looked upon five Possessed Marines. The Possessed charged onwards, leaping over rubble and through the occasional building.

"Kill them all!" roared Ryalon.

The guns blazed and barked, the heavy bolters chattering, the plasma gun spraying super heated energy towards the five Marines. It was a long round of shooting, and by the end of it, the bolters were silent, the plasma gun searing to touch, the heavy bolters clicking on empty. But the Possessed were down, and they wouldn't be rising anytime soon.

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Thanks, I prefer trying to do it this way instead of just a report.... more fun writing it :D
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