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The thing is from what i can tell from your post some of what you said is similar to 3.5 chaos codex, while some of it is overly complicated and wouldn't balance right like free rules and lords at larger armies.
what i can see happening(which may not even happen) is we'll get a codex, where we'll get legion special characters with there own rules allowing certain units and benefits, like you mentioned ut also having just lords with a certain mark to take the same units as a legion character (again similar to 3.5).
Hopefully we'll get back marks, so no more losing the benefits when the icon bearer is killed.
Maybe some daemon engines like blood slaughters and blight drones and use the rules in the imperial armour where u need (i think it was) two units of berzerkers to gain access to blood slaughterers, do the same for blight drones but with plague marines.
more psychic powers and counter measures.
Daemon engines in different slots, like fast attack and heavy support, maybe even elite.
less random dreadnoughts and possessed, havocs been cheaper and more viable, same with rapters,
thats about all i can think of at the moment
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