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My friend and I were discussing how Chaos atm is not 'true' chaos, he calls them Chaos Raiders atm like the Red Corsairs. It got me interested and I've been reading people complaining about the codex too. I had no idea so many people were unhappy with Chaos, I always see them but the lists generally look the same and after I started Chaos I cant help but wish for the Dark Gods to intervene and bring about the End of Days, fall of the imperium blah blah blah. One day it will happen and then the Necrons will harvest everyone. Anyways we were discussing ideas for Chaos to become more 'Chaosy'.

New codex, 'vanilla' chaos marines similiar to how it is now but expanded rules and some cool new stuff. The 'core' as I would see it, a skeleton for the muscley bits to have structure.

In the new codex a 'Path of the Gods' so you can dedicate yourself to a Chaos God of your choosing. When dedicating yourself each God would have units you can and cannot take, for instance no plague marines if going to Khorne. Also when dedicating yourself to your God if you take their number, Khorne=8 of berz or regular chaos marines you get a free champ, the first perk of picking a God. When you dedicate to a God each have benefits, Nurgle +1T to all units under him, Slannesh +1I, etc. Marks btw only for 'Vanilla core chaos' so you cant go insane powerful. Each God helps the stats of their followers and gives special rules, not everyone but you choose, following Khorne for ex. you get a free furious charge to a unit you want, larger army more special rules you get, doesn't have to be the same but you get to go higher and higher into a 'favour' list, like a tree, do this and you get access to special rule '___'. Another things is larger games, if taking 7 units of plague marines dedicated to Nurgle you get a free Chaos Lord up to '___' amount of points, the larger the # of units you must get for your God the more points you get for your 'free' Lord. Like Tzeentch's 9 over Slaanesh's 6.

Chaos Legions, currently their are 9, each is unique and needs a chance to show the others how truly superior they are to the others. So a new codex with 'skeleton' chaos and the paths for dedication to the Gods. And after that a monthly or hopefully quicker release for each Legion on the website. Seriously these just need a page of 'Legion structure' and how they affect the vanilla list and bam you have one of your favorite Chaos Legiong with their own way of causing Chaos. A whole 'Dark Angel' or 'Blood Angel' codex is awesome for fluff but a simple monthly guide would make players happy to play a Legion of this choice + everyone would be excited to see the next months Legion. Some of these I didnt have a good idea of what to give them so please help me out, some of these have more books than the others and I own a lot of the Black Library, but I dont know it all so mistakes are common as I have yet not gotten enough favor to transcend into a Daemon Prince...but oh so soon.

Black Legion- Like 'skeleton' marines have access to most of chaos units but cant show too much favour to one God. For every 2 'Chaos God's' (ex. Plague Marine) units they must have 1 unit of the others Gods before they can get more of that unit. To go beyond 2 units of Plague Marines you must have a unit of berz or noise or sons. They favour all the Gods.

World Eaters- Berzerkers are slightly cheaper or whole army gets furious charge or maybe +1 to attack ooo that would be scary with berz but fitting as they are all bloodthirsty buddy shooting maniacs.

Thousand Sons- Cheaper Thousand Sons squads. Maybe special spells that no other army list has access to, besides for that they are tough. Help me with some ideas please. Tzeentch is known for knowledge and change.

Death Guard- Cheaper Plague Marines squads. Another tough choice, Nurgle is great for toughness and wounds though and affecting enemies with rot and decay.

Emperor's Children-Cheaper Noise Marine squads. Good Initiative and killing sounds, maybe a sound tank...

Word Bearers- Chaos army which would have access to the Daemons, like in the old days. Greater and lesser + dedicated daemons of the Gods. Need a named HQ character to lead them or have as choice.

Iron Warriors- Certain tanks are troops choices, basilisks would be heavy again. Maybe some unique weapons they build or scavenged from Imperiums and improved/chaosified. Need a named HQ character to lead them or have as choice, Warsmith Honsou maybe.

Alpha Legion- Cultists. Need a named HQ character to lead them or have as choice.

Night Lords- Raptors would be troops choice. Maybe some new equipment to put fear into their enemies. Need a named HQ character to lead them or have as choice.

All a bunch of hopes and dreams which will be destroyed, I know. Just some ideas we were throwing around.

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The thing is from what i can tell from your post some of what you said is similar to 3.5 chaos codex, while some of it is overly complicated and wouldn't balance right like free rules and lords at larger armies.
what i can see happening(which may not even happen) is we'll get a codex, where we'll get legion special characters with there own rules allowing certain units and benefits, like you mentioned ut also having just lords with a certain mark to take the same units as a legion character (again similar to 3.5).
Hopefully we'll get back marks, so no more losing the benefits when the icon bearer is killed.
Maybe some daemon engines like blood slaughters and blight drones and use the rules in the imperial armour where u need (i think it was) two units of berzerkers to gain access to blood slaughterers, do the same for blight drones but with plague marines.
more psychic powers and counter measures.
Daemon engines in different slots, like fast attack and heavy support, maybe even elite.
less random dreadnoughts and possessed, havocs been cheaper and more viable, same with rapters,
thats about all i can think of at the moment

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how about for the iron warriors give Squadron rules, but take away all fast attacks. also make oblits elite choices again. For Emperors children give us sonic weaponry for vehicles and havocs, and let raptors take a doom siren.
Nightlords get their Chosen as troop choices again.
Khorne get chain axe special rules back.
pretty much just throw away the new codex and take the 3rd ed codex and modify it and make it more 5th ed standards. cheapen everything and make legion spec rules.
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