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I haven't played for a long time but being a collector for over 30 years.
I recently decided with a friend to start playing again but with the 3rd edition rules, things were simpler and probably more balance and cost wise... well we got everything we could possibly need already. I play chaos, he plays dark angels or nids...
Being a little (extremely!!) rusty, I could do with some opinions on small army list (500 to 1500pts) and which tactics would you go for! I'm sure some of you could dust out these codex or a memories or two...
I know that lots of people were going for the iron warriors and a ton of obliterators...
I am aware of what a Daemon Prince with wings and the Dreadaxe can do....
But what else was the hype of that codex that some keep saying was one of the best gift, if not the best gift made to chaos players ! (some say Tzeentch himself might have influence that codex.... hehehehe!)
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