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Taking a god is the last thing you should do, Chaos chosen are by far the best kill team for the chaos marines

5 chosen 1 with flamer, 4 with twin claws, mark of slaanesh and youve got 195 pts of scary

5 chosen, 5 meltas 140 points (this one is cheap, and deadly)
(is that a tank? DIE, also the str8 shot is perfect for squishy IC's or monsters) Plus, these guys can assault after they shoot (meltas are assault weapons!)

5 chosen, 5 plasmaguns 165, a bit more expensive but twice the shots, though dangerous to shoot. 10 str7 ap2 rounds firing into that hive tyrant on turn 1 YES PLEASE! Sadly these are rapid fire weapons, thus unable to assault after fireing

5 chosen, 4 fists and 1 melta, this is the fist-fest. 200 pts on the dot (give them mark of khorne for another 4 fist attacks!

5chosen, 1 lascannon, 125 points, dirt cheap lascannon that doesnt take up heavy-slots

5chosen, 5 flamers (LET THE GALAXY BURN!) (ALSO THE CHEAPEST 5 SPECIAL WEAPON LIST) 115 points (trouble with hordes? get two squads of these, and.. burn baby burn)

the combinations go ON AND ON

Chaos chosen are definitely a powerful killteam, they can be built to handle any target, plus with infiltrate they can start off within range of any of their weapons (even 1st turn assault if you are lucky. or lash an enemy into range of the meltas/flamers/plasmas etc)
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