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Chaos Chosen kill team

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I've been thinking about kill teams, and with the new list and i get 200 points i been thinking would Chaos chosen make a good kill team. With the ability infiltrate and the ability to take plasma and melta guns in addition to their melee weapons and bolt pistols, Any advice or things that i should look out for when running a kill team of Chaos space marines?
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Ok sorry for being slow to respond, i decided to run a team of 8 chosen, with 2 meltas a plasma and a heavy bolter. I find that the 8 man kill team with the 4 weapons seems to be balanaced enough to deal with almost any enemy kill team, and the fact that it gave me a chance to model some pretty wicked looking chaos marines, also for special rules i've found that relentless on the plasma gun so i can move and shoot 24" away or rapid fire and charge whats left (3 attacks on the charge is pretty decent) slow but purposeful on the heavy bolter only because i can't take relentless again but with infiltrate should be able to set up in a nice field of fire with room to breath, also one melta gun has feel no pain, can't really go wrong with that, and the tatics i've been using are i work them in teams of 2, a special weapon and a 'standard' chosen, (also allowed me a chance to model almost like a body guard for the more important special weapons marines) and because all 8 infiltrate it gives me a broad choice of deployment, often resulting in my meltas being around 16" away and just out of los of enemy vehicles or special weapons and my plasma being around the same distance away near the bulk of their team, and lastly the heavy bolter and his bolter weilding friend find a nice elevated spot with good lanes of fire a decent distance away. So based off that is their anything you think i should change or think of better tactics or special rules
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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