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Ahriman (standard Wargear (“sw” for future reference))

Chosen squad +aspiring champion with power weapon and plasma pistol, mark of slaanesh and plasma gun
Strange set up with these; what do you hope to accomplish with this squad?

If you’re playing against DE, why not put them in a rhino with flamers or plasma? Or infiltrate with ML to knock out Raiders?

Possessed squad of 5 with possessed champion+ icon of glory
As above; I’d just drop these TBH.

Chaos marine squad 10 men (sw) aspiring champion and flamer upgrade and plasma gun upgrade, mark of slaanesh
Chaos marine squad 10 men (sw) aspiring champion and 1 melta gun, 1 plasma gun and a mark of khorne
This is OK, and I don’t understand why you’re taking Champs: you already have he icons in the squads to let you bring in you Summoned Daemons, why take the Champs with no upgrades? Also, combine your special weapons. I’d take two melta guns in each squad.

Rhino transport dedicated
7 plague marines 1 plasma gun personal icon
Rhino transport dedicated
Thousand Sons squad 8 men + sorcerer with doom bolt and personal icon
This is good, though you’ll be told you have too many Troops choices at 1500, but I don’t think that’s bad. Personally, I’d go with more Plague Marine with plasma guns. DE will have a hard time wounding you in CC, and unless they have PW, you should be fine. I’d use these to tie up standard infantry. Grab two flamers and a PW.

Summoned lesser demons 5
Summoned lesser demons 5
Combine this into one unit or take more in each squad, and take more squads of these. If you can’t drop them. I don’t think 5 of these guys will swing any combat in your favor.

good hunting.
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