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At the mo' i am putting a Retinue for my Bonecrushers of Achaylus Chaos Space Marine Army. The retinue will accompany Daemon Prince Achaylus Bonecrusher.

I looked at various Warhammer and 40K figures and finally decided to use Ogre Kingdoms Ogres as my Bonecrushers, they will be kitted straight out of the box. Exception they'll be based on 40mm round bases.

The retinue will be 20 models in total. The retinue will comprise of,

1, Bonecrusher Army Standard Bearer
2, Bonecrusher Champion w/Great Weapon
3, Bonecrusher Agitator (Bellower)
4-20 Bonecrushers with Hand Weapons and Improvised Armour.

So what do folks think?

Welcom feedback
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