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This is my first post of the army I recently bought (massive noob alert :) )
I have 5 more marines but I didn't add them because I need 5 more (want to field 2 x units of 10 - heavy bolter and special weapons)

Be gentle but would love feedback!

Chaos Sorcerer /w Terminator armour, Combi melta, Warptime
145 pts

4 x Terminators /w Reaper autocanon, lightning claws
165 pts

5 x Possesed CSM
130 pts

10 x CSM /w 1 x aspiring champion (plasma pistol, power fist), heavy bolter, melta gun, Icon of Nurgle
275 pts
1 x Rhino /w Dozer blade
40 pts
8 x Khorne Berserkers
168 pts

Fast Attack:
2 x Chaos Spawn
80 pts

Heavy Support:

1 x Chaos Defiler /w Close Combat arm
150 pts

1 x Chaos Land Raider /w Dozer blade, Havoc Launcher
240 pts

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Well, the Khorne Berserkers would be Troops now, yes?

And, that would make this a legal army I suppose. Get that other troop unit up to par, and maybe an Obliterator or two and you'll be set for a 1750 army. Drop the Land Raider for your 1500pts.

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Small Mistakes

the list you have has some small Mistakes.
First - the terminator squad, you can not have a reaper and heavy flamer without having a 10man squad.

2nd - Berserkers are a Troop choice and not a heavy support.

The Points cost on the Sorcerer is not right, with Terminator armor and warp time the cost is actually - 145(100 base, 25 Warptime, 5 for combi, and 15 for the armor)

Overall the list is pretty balanced, but seems light on anti-tank, unless they are within 12".

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You are right, my bad.. fixed!

Is it ok to have 2 x 10 man units or should have have more smaller units?

Allos: Thnx, i did fix the mistakes now. What would you recommend for anti-tank? Hesphite said the oblitarators. Maybe a havoc unit?

I currently only play against my friend (Tyranid army). Would this be effective against his Tyranids?

But again, i need it to be balanced as we are convincing another friend to go Necrons :)

Edit: The army is only 1393 now when the errors were fixed. I'll update when I have the other units. I'm waiting on a Raptor unit
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