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I feel however the big winner of the new edition is the blue scribes. Their rules means they choose a discipline and randomly choose a power (though not the primaris) and this power manifests, no dice needed and no risk of perils, which I think is HUGE when psychic powers are more powerful and a lot less likely to be manifested in this edition. I actually think the worst discipline to roll on is Malefic as on a 6 you replace them with a Greater Deamons which I think is personally a waste alothough it will be nice to auto cast a new heral or some bloodcrushers, but that risk is there (albeit not necessarily *that* big a risk)
for the blue scribes it says:
"not that the Blue Scribes are not Psykers for the purposes of any special rules that target Psykers"
and for possession it says:
"If this power is successfully manifested, the Psyker is immediately removed as a casualty.."
so would that even effect them?
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