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Chaos 500pts (standard construction)

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have a 500pt tournament soon and trying to build something that'll serve me well:

Known enemies:

Ravenwing: Sammael Speeder, 3 bikes, 3 bikes, attack bike + MM

Blood Angel: Astaroth, 5 Death Company, Dreadnought

Blood Angel: Librarian, unknown

Necrons: unknown Can't do much in 500, so 2 sqds of warriors and a phylactery destroyer lord is my guess.

Dark Eldar: Using the current book, not the new one as it's not out for round 1 of our campaign. I'm expecting some form of raider spam, well sa much as you can spam in 500.

Imp Guard: 3x Hydras, unknown

Daemons x1
Tau x1
Eldar x2
Space Marines x2

no idea what those guys are using though.

The Sammael Speeder and the Triple Hydra guard list are my main concerns.

Originally I was looking at

5 Tsons + Rhino
5 Marines + MG + Rhino
DP + MoT + Warptime + Wings

I'm starting to think that there's not enough anti tank.

New plan:

5 Chaos Marines + MG
5 Chaos Marines + MG
5 Havocs + 4 ML
DP + Wings, MoT, Warptime

6 str 8 weapons should handle the Hydras nicely, but I lose my lovely AP3 bolters and invulnerable saves.

It'll be run in a store so not enough scenery to reliably hide in cover.

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I wouldn't change anything. The only problem is that your army is slow and really has no armour. But then again at 500 points other then maybe IG who will.

I would just say don't hold back at all. Make sure that DP is going balls forward especially because you have payed for a mobile cover save. Make him be focus fired to give your Troops and Havoks more time to drop shots on and eliminate most of the threat.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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