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Let me know you thoughts, this is the first list I've ever put up to forums, so I hope to get some good tips.
1500 Pt. Games. Main enemies: Chaos Daemons, Blood Angels, Necrons
Nurgle Prince-wings, warptime-175

Slan Prince-wings, lash -155

Greater Daemon 100

Chosen x5 meltas -200
Mark of Chaos Glory
rhino+twin linked bolter

Troops- 281
Plague Marines x7
champ + fist
plasma x2

Troops- 281
Plague Marines x7
champ + fist
plasma x2

Troops- 305
Zerkers x10
champ +fist
rhino+extra armour+dozer


Ok guys here's the basic idea.
Princes and Zerkers move down the field, to take/contest objectives/kill things.
Chosen use outflank, to come in with the goal of popping a tank/MC or two, more or less suicide unit.

Plague Marines are objective hunters. their goal is to hold objectives from the start, or move in after the princes/zerks/chosen/GD have made a mess.

The reason i have two different princes: I love lash but half the people i play are mech addicted, and the other have are infantry heavy that lack things that interupt psychic powers, lash is a great investment for who i play against half of the time, so taking two would be a waste, but taking none would make me feel weird. The nurgle prince is there to kill things, nuff said. I would probably hide the lash prince behind the Zerker rhino as they fly up the field.
Probably send Lash prince at HQ/MC's units cause of his high init. And the Nurgle prince at hordes cause of his high toughness and re'rolls.

All units have a champ in them for bringing in a hat trick Greater Daemon, where needed. Also the Champs have power fists, so that MC's and Walkers will think a little more about charging me, making each one of my units a little scarier.

as for rhinos Havoc Launchers are there cause extra points and for just some extra ranged things which you can see i am almost bare on. Extra armour and dozer on the zerk rhino is because I want the zerks to get there, i don't want to be scared of DT or not moving a turn.
Over all.
3 MC's
4 Tanks
24 scoring troops, 14 with feel no pain and blight nades
and 1 "kill something" suicide unit, that possibly is the Greater Daemons host. in essence, in an objective based game i hope to control at least one objective and contest all the others.
My past lists have been extremely raptor heavy, and have done incredibly well against everything, this is my first non Raptor list, let me know your thoughts.
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