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i play ba and chaos but since the two new codex came out I've been leaning heavily towards the chaos and spending a lot of time putting a small 1000pt chaos together. after my efforts i came up with a very good list which has still to lose and if you are struggling against space marines this is the list to use.

demon prince,
mark of nurgle, wings, warptime. 175pts
demon prince,
mark of nurgle, wings, warptime. 175pts
x10 marines,
champion, power fist, lascannon, plasma gun. 225pts
x10 marines,
champion, lascannon, plasma gun. 200pts
x3 obliterators. 225pts

the tactics for this army are simple the two tactical squads are used as a fire base deploying the obliterators separately so it gives you a 3 turn cushion before deploying your two 10 man squads and then finally putting the two tough princes on the enemy's weakest flank where they can sweep through the opponents army.
i finally decided the mark of nurgle was the way to go because anything strength 4 in combat or shooting needs 6's to wound which makes a big difference.

comments would be welcome and i take constructive criticism very well.
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