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So anyway, during a 7am programming class I managed to script out an army list.
Chaos Lord(90)
Mark of Slaneesh(5)
Daemon Weapon(40)

5 Possessed:+Mark of tzeentch(125)
6 Chosen:+Champ/power weapon, 2 plasmaguns, and five meltabombs(201)
3 Terminators: +Reaper auto cannon(125)
1 Chaos Rhino: (35)

Troops- (270)
4 Chaos Space Marine:+ Asp Champ
4 Chaos Space Marine:+ Asp Champ
5 Khorne Berserkers

Heavy Assault- (120)
5 Havocs:+ lascannon, missile launcher

This was all from memory, but what do y'all think?
Also the main directive is to be able to wipe out meq armies, and smash speeders out of the sky with some reliability. I mostly fight space marine, necron, and a LARGE amount of tau.
And when I say
4 Chaos Space Marine:+ Asp Champ
I mean four basic marines, plus the aspiring champ. :p so five models total

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If I were making the list, I think I would replace the Chaos Marines with Noise Marines, get rid of the small Berserker unit, and either make the Havocs a 1 Laser, 3 Autocannon unit, or replace it with as many Obliterators as possible. About the Elites ... I think Terminators are a lot better than the other two units, unless you specifically intend to use the scout/infiltrate power of the Possessed or Chosen, if not, then I would make them into more terminators.
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