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would a change to the FOC in a similar fantasy help the game?

i think it would help cut down on min/maxing and make people concentrate more on their troops choices, but it would also make armies less competitive and that isnt good imo.

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Possibly, but really min-maxing is always possible, its just stretching the army composition rules as far as you can. Its not like theres no min-maxing in fantasy. In fact a seriousy min maxed army in fantasy can be more powerful than the 40k equivilent in many ways. For example, the most simplistic Fantasy min max is the gunline, with 4 spellcasters in support. Some armies will just crumble to it. Also a mate of mine said when he went to the fantasy GT a few years ago he faced all min max armies in one form or another including a VC army with a few small units and a large 200 strong zombie unit with all the armies characters in it

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I'm not sure aye as even though Fantasy has been toned down in regards to the impact of characters they still do play a very large part of the game where as for 40k characters arn't as a big a deal.

Armies wouldn't get a lot more varied either as the way I see it merging is this:

HQ - Hero's (Obviously)
Elites: Rare Choice
Troops: Troops (Duh)
Fast Attack: Troops
Heavy Support: Special

So na I don't think it would really do any good at all.

That VC army sounds just plain nasty - 200 strong Zombies :| - very fluffy though.
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