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The challenge is to make a list - any codex - which would be seen as an underdog list in any tournament. That is to say we use units and builds that are certainly not deemed to be WAAC. However, you should have a chance to win any match up. Something unusual and different. So I put this together but am very open to any tweaks ...

- Da Unda Dogz -
Warboss, Cybork, Headwoppa's Killchoppa 85
3x lvl2 Weirdboy 210
6x 15 Grots, Runtherher, Grot Prod 330
3x Battlewagon, Zzap Gun, Ram 390
Burna Bomma 115
Mek Guns, 2 Zzap Guns, Ammo Runt 49
Aegis Defense Line, Comms Relay 70
- 1250 -

So the idea is the weirdboyz and Grots start in BWs. The rest of the units hide behind the Aegis or footslog behind the BWS, I try to early on cast some PotW and use the zzaps for good fun. Hopefully turn two my Waaagh flyer will come into play as well. The idea of course is that I flood the board and the theme is typical Ork erratic results. I might take out an IK or might end up running off the table. Who knows.

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I like these kinds of challenges they are always fun to make. This is kind of like my April fools army list but instead of a warboss I take a big mek with a SAG for more random fun.

If you keep the warboss I would drop the killchoppa and just give him a big choppa. I don't know if he is staying behind the line or riding in a bw but a boss pole will help the ld. If he is in a bw Da Fixer Upperz might be fun to give the boss to keep his ride running around.

I would also want to give the burna bomba a few skorcha missles to get enemy troops out of cover.

Anyway good luck.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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