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Challenge : Build an army for £100 if there were no Pts

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So this started with a discussion me and a few friends were having last night online.

The rules:
You had been given £100 / 125ish Euro / $170 US, whatever exchange rate for each.

You are tasked with building a functional battleforged detachement (1HQ / 2 Troops min, 0-1 HQ, 0-4 Troop, 0-3 Elite/Fast/Heavy optional).

There is no such thing as points, so as long as you can afford to buy the models you can put it on the table. These are the only models you can use you can't use things you already have. This as well can only be spent at GW/Forgeworld prices as well. So no saying "I could buy X on Ebay" or "My local gives 10% off"

You also cant buy starter boxes like Dark Vengeance or Stormclaw where you get a lot more stuff for your money.

We assume you have the required rule book, codex, dice and all that.

You can not make your own models by harvesting a model kit and changing it to allow you more things. AKA you cant buy a Mekgun and make the 4 different ones out of it by also buying some plasticard or a Trukk and making a frame for each of the weapon heads.

We worked out we would give each other a week to work out what would be the best army we could put together.

You are however allowed to use models that look good enough to be characters. For instance the Sternguard Veteran squad could count as a Chapter Master and 4 Honour Guard.

This is gunna mean that you are going to have some armies who can probably get to near the 700-1000pts marker, while others are at a low 300-400pts even fully loaded with wargear on the HQ.

An example for Space Marines you could have
Captain Lysander (£13) (You could save a £1-2 by having a Terminator Captain, Captain Tigarus or Librarian Tigurius for only £11)
Terminator Close Combat Squad (£28) (All with Thunder hammer and Storm shield)
Tactical Marine Squad (£25) (Split in to 2 5man squads 1 with plasma, 1 with missile launcher. Both squads with Meltabomb)
Space Marine Predator (£35) (With Autocannon and Heavy Bolters)
= £100 and would have been 730pts

I personally think it would be interesting to see how it would look. Also detail how many points the grand total would have been (not individualised).
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It would be quite fun to see what everyone ended up with. I had to do my own list of eldars, following your rules you could get Eldrad, 5 wraithguards and 9 jetbikes. To bad the shuri.cannon upgrade cost you money! 98.2£ and 568p.
How about grey knights with drago? means you could take paladins as troops and they have min squad size of 1
Yeah, GK is easy -

10 Paladins with Brotherhood Banner, 2 Warding Staves, 4 Halberds, 2 Daemonhammers, 4 Psycannons, and Apothecary. All weapons Master-Crafted.
5 Paladins with 2 Master-Crafted Psycannons, Master-Crafted Daemonhammer and 4 Halberds.

1495pts, £99.
Well, I'd choose a weird kind of Nid army for £100.

Deathleaper, 2x Lictors, Venomthrope and 2x Genestealersx8, totalling to £98.

That would be a nice assasin army, but how viable? I could try that at some point.

I could get army to 499, just perfect for a 500pt game. Actually by a doing an army for £100, I might have stumbled to something great.
Funny, i'd go for DE:
Archon, agonizer, haywire granades, combat drugs, shadowfield, Phantasm grenade launcher (150)
5 Kabalites, blaster, dracon with power weapon (80)
Venom w/dual splinter cannon (65)
5 Kabalites, blaster, dracon with power weapon (80)
Venom w/dual splinter cannon (65)
6 Harlequins, Shadowseer, 6 Harlequin kiss (162)
Total: 602 for € 119 (an Archon, a box of Kabalites, 2 Venoms, a box of arlequins)
CSM List:


Cultists x10: Mark of Khorne
Cultists x10: Mark of Khorne

Bikers x3: Mark of Nurgle, 2x Melta, 1 Combi-melta & Melta bombs on champ

Obliterators x3: Mark of Nurgle


Chaos Sorcerer: Unmarked, ML3 Telepathy, Force Sword
Chaos Sorcerer: Unmarked, ML3 Telepathy, Force Sword

Cultists x10: Mark of Khorne
Cultists x20: Mark of Khorne

Havocs x5: Mark of Nurgle, 4x Autocannons, Lightning Claw on champ
Havocs x5: Mark of Nurgle, 4x Lascannons, Lightning Claw on champ
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