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Hello Heresy! My younger brother has been out of the hobby lately, but with school winding down and a new codex I might be able to get him back into it with a few intro games.

He'd be playing the following list of mine, with potential modifications.

96 - Sanguinary Priest (WL) - Valours Edge, BP, JP

190 - 5x SG - Banner
175 - Fragioso - Frag, HF, DP w/ locator beacon

245 - 10x Tac. - PF, Vet, MG, ML, Rhino
230 - 10x Tac. - PF, Flm, ML, Rhino
70 - 5x Scouts - Snipers, cloaks

225 - 10x RAS - 2x Melta, PF, Vet
200 - 10x RAS - 2x Flm, 2x HF
135 - 5x Bikers - 2x Grav

135 - Baal - AC/HB
135 - Vindicator - overcharged, SB

He has in his collection (well, we have between the two of us)

2x Farseers (foot)
Autarch (broken, winged)
7x Warlocks

6x Fire Dragons
6x Banshees
5x Scorpions

30x Dire Avengers
40x Guardian Defenders (3x Platforms)
5x Rangers
3x Windriders (bikes)

Fast Attack
[Wave Serpent]
6x Swooping Hawks
5x Warp Spiders

Heavy Support
10x Dark Reapers
War Walker


The Falcon can be a wave serpent if necessary. Also, if there's anything in particular that these models can't deal with in my list (like the lots of Armor) I can change the list as needed. Finally, if you just can't make a list decently better than mine, we can either give him 2k or make my list less competitive.

Cheers :drinks:
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