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Centurions...Yes or No Why/Why Not, More Options/Must Haves

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I am coming back after a few month lay off and, as some may remember, I had an IG army in 6th edition and really started to do well with them. Well I decided to "get out" and sold all my troops, everything else went in a box and three weeks ago I traded them all for a vanilla SM army. Now I'm trying to fill it out and want to know if Centurions are worth a) taking in a 1500+ point game b) why they are or are not c) what would be better?

Right now I have:
2 terminator squads (assault and standard)
30 troops
1 Stormtalon
1 Rhino
3 Dreadnoughts
1 Land Raider (not assembled as I'm waiting on FW Minotaur doors)
1 Drop Pod
1 Command Squad
1 Assault Bike

Thanks all!
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I bought them, ran them once, they ran off the table, and I shelved them. Of course this was after BT got squatted so Im sure they were trying to kill themselves from the sheer contradiction of it all.
so your saying 1 game gave you and expert opinion? sound like just very unlucky rolling.

seriously the model arnt too bad and they kinda grow on you..just take them for what they are,
they are good in the game..you need to be smart with them though..dont just throw them away they are bullet magnets..but i have found very few small arms fire bring them down..they usually go down to big things...and if they are getting assaulted well the game is going to well for me anyway.

they just need to be used in conjunction with another unit..lik i said a thunder fire is really good with them
Nowhere in my post did I remotely imply that. I offered my personal experience and opinion, as per OP.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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