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If I were taking them, just off the top of my head, I'd be looking at the Grav Cannon option. It really depends what your list is like to begin with. If you are short on anti-tank, then there's definitely better options out there, since 3 lascannon shots per turn is just not worth 250 points, regardless of being T5 2 Wound terminators. I think, personally, that the best loadout for them has to be a squad of 3 All with Grav Cannons and Hurricane Bolters, with an Omniscope. These guys would come in at 260 points per unit, so 2 squads would probably be the max to have below 2000 points. You want the Grav Centurions to be your dedicated anti-marine / monstrous creature unit. 15 AP2 shots re-rolling to wound is an absolutely deadly prospect. That squad, combined with the 9 shots from the hurricane bolters, has a very good chance of popping 6 or 7 marines in one volley. Not a bad.
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