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New modfals out now. Pre-order them at; http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/armySubUnitCats.jsp?catId=cat450002a&rootCatGameStyle=lotr

Anyway my personal opions, i'll work from bottom to top.
The Black shiedls are very nice and look like elite goblins. However the spear armed once look too much like each other so variaty isn't there but still nice modals. (Also they are very cheap for GW at £2 per modal)
The Command is hit and miss. I like the Captain and i love the drummer, replace his drum sticks with swords and he is epic....but the Drum i don't like and the shaman looks like Gollum more than a goblin. but it works and unlike other command boxes gives you 4 modals instead of 3 so thats a plus.
Floi i'm not keen on as he doesn't look like a tipical LOTR dwarf....he looks mroe like a Fansty dwarf rune priest and such and i just think he should be more "butch".
The Kings guard are nice modals but why are they there? Monsters sohuldn#'t be on a 25mm base! Also where the hell are you supposed to put the heralds? There are not stats for them at all in WOTR and not in the SBG until onther month or two atleast! However they are really nice....just a pity about the £20 price tag for 3 normal sized modals!
And the Cave Drake is epic! It's even better than the dragon. How it feels to be too much like a dragon. Everyone i have spokemn with expected it to be a baby dragon and on a normal monster base rather than a dragon base. Persoanly i might get one and use it as a Wormtoughe dragon without wings as that really is just that...an dragon without wings.

In all most of the modals are great with very few i dis-like or not happy with but i'm looking forward to the SBG rules:grin:

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*attempts to read..............gives up*
I'll be looking forward to seeing the rules for these for the SBG
not so thrilled by the black shields, rather meh to me.
the dwarves are faaaar too warhammer like, but still nice, but the price for the kings champion is awful, nobody should have to pay £20 for 3 models, thats just stupid
the drake is nice, but again £35.......ouch, and it really should be plastic, not metal, at this stage GW should be doing allot more monsters in plastic, not carrying on in metal, idiotic.
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