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So, I recently got back into the hobby after a couple years just keeping an eye on things, and recently I've become smitten with a couple armies. As this is the Eldar List section, I'll just keep to the Eldar list.
Inspired by my mates planning a small-points series of games, I've made this list to be a sort of toolbox list. It has a little of everything in there, but as it's untested I don't really know how it'll function on the tabletop. So, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Farseer: 105pts

>Singing Spear

Dire Avengers: 284pts

>7 Avengers
>Exarch (Power Weapon/Shimmer Shield)
>Wave Serpent (T/l Missile, Ghostwalk Matrix, Holo-fields)

Windriders: 106pts
>3 Windriders w/ Shuriken Catapult
>Windrider Warlock (Singing Spear)

Fast Attack:
Warp Spiders: 125pts

>4 Spiders
>Exarch (Twin Powerblades)

Heavy Support
Dark Reapers: 180pts

>Starshot Missiles
>4 Reapers
>Exarch (Starswarm & Starshot)

Total: 800pts
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