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Casting endurance?

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Ok this is a hard one I think... During a game my librarian successfully cast endurance on a tactical squad, giving them a load of buffs but the one buff I'm questioning is RELENTLESS.

My understanding is, A space marine with a heavy weapon can only fire at his full BS if he doesn't move, but with relentless you can move 6" and shoot at full BS.


If in turn one i cast endurance, the marine will have relentless until the end of the next psychic phase. In the start of turn 2 he still has relentless so I move him 6". Then the power runs out, in the shooting phase can the guy with a heavy weapon fire at his full BS as technically he had relentless when he moved, or will he snap fire?

Or have I completely miss understood the relentless rule?
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You move, then you have Psychic powers cast and take effect, then you shoot.

You cannot shoot with Heavy Weapons if you have moved, unless you have the relentless special rule. In the shooting phase immediately after casting Endurance, you have the relentless special rule.

In the following turn, relentless doesn't take effect, because it ends during the Psychic phase.

Relentless is only of import during the shooting phase.

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