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Casting endurance?

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Ok this is a hard one I think... During a game my librarian successfully cast endurance on a tactical squad, giving them a load of buffs but the one buff I'm questioning is RELENTLESS.

My understanding is, A space marine with a heavy weapon can only fire at his full BS if he doesn't move, but with relentless you can move 6" and shoot at full BS.


If in turn one i cast endurance, the marine will have relentless until the end of the next psychic phase. In the start of turn 2 he still has relentless so I move him 6". Then the power runs out, in the shooting phase can the guy with a heavy weapon fire at his full BS as technically he had relentless when he moved, or will he snap fire?

Or have I completely miss understood the relentless rule?
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Agree with vaz. I can't think of a psychic buff that gives you the bonus for 2 turns from a single cast.
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