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Primary Detachment:

160 - Huron Blackheart
350 - Be'lakor

135 - 5 CSM w/ meltagun, 3x ccws instead of bolters, Champ w/ combi-melta, and a Rhino w/ dirge caster
120 - 5 CSM w/ flamer, 3x ccws instead of bolters, and a Rhino w/ dirge caster (joined by Huron)

150 - 5x Bikers w/ 2x plasma, MoS
140 - 5x Bikers w/ 2x melta, MoS

Daemons Allied Detachment:

225 - Skarbrand

144 - 16 Daemonettes
144 - 16 Daemonettes

180 - 15 Seekers

1748 points total. Skarbrand or the Seekers get Be'lakor's Invisibility the first turn; somebody with cover gets Shrouding. Infiltrating blocks of Daemonettes first, of course. The point of this list is to assault with 80% of the army on T2: Be'lakor, 2x Daemonettes, Seekers, 2x Bikers (as many as possible in Skarband's rage-bubble for delicious assaulting Rage+Hatred striking at I5, so before 90% of enemies). Skarbrand and the 2x CSM in rhinos can assault T3. I've posted similar lists to this a while back, but with the advent of Be'lakor and various 7e metashifts, I would have high hopes fielding this tweaked derivation of the same again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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