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So my friend gave me an old box of Empire Knights, of course being me, I had to start some fluff for them on one day I'll have an Empire army. Problem is am a Bret player lol I was wondering if I could base my knightly order based off the Bretonnia Grail Knights. I know I know why bother when am a bret player when I use there superior knights, not really sure I just want to do. I started out using a creation table that helped me greatly to get started. If you guy's could or give me idea's that would stick that be great!

The Knights of St.Lilith/ The Imperial Knights of the Grail
(I havn't came up with a name so I just used that)

The Order allows commoners of both sexes to join

Primordial: This order dates back to the founding days of the Empire, when the concepts of knighthood and nobility were still new amongst the race of Men. The fathers and grandfathers of these earliest knights may have even fought alongside Sigmar Unberogen himself

Secular Order: This order pledges itself to no god in particular, and its members can worship as they please

Lilith(Lady of the Lake)

Small: Around a hundred knights, with both personal and order retained servants

The Order has a Castle Fortress at the base of the Grey Mountains as their chapter house where the order remains during wartime but during peace, The Knights continue their duty to help and defend the innocent so the order’s knights rarely congregate in groups larger than four or five outside of wartime. The men themselves rarely stay in one place for very long

order based in Reikland

Which knightly virtue does the order hold highest?

Chivalry: Use your own power to protect the innocent, and always strive to defend those who cannot do so themselves

Fidelity: Honor every vow and promise, and remember that honesty is still the best policy, even when it is inconvenient

Valor: Never run away, never turn down a chance to fulfill your sworn duties, and never leave a task half-done

Courtesy: A knight represents himself third, his order second, and his Emperor first. Whether on or off the battlefield, you must always observe proper conduct

Temperance: Never let your passions or desires get the better of you, lest the door be left open for chaos and corruption

battle tactics and military doctrines

On the battlefield, If fighting for a good reason such as holding the line for civilians to escape, They will charge before the melee happens to do as much damage possible, softening the enemy before retreating for Pinpoint Strikes or weakening flanks or reforming from afar to perform their most favorite tactic, the lance charge.

Greatest Hero

The Hero of Aswick/Saint Aswick
A humble peasant with no name who became the first, showed such valor and determination to save those in need during a battle, picking up a lance and shield from fatally wounded knight, charged the enemy head showing no fear, impressing the remains knights so much he was adopted into the Order. this unnamed peasant knight proved himself countless times in battle with one such time after his knight commander had fell in battle during the defense of Aswick, he gathered what remained of his brothers and led his knights under his command to victory against overwhelming odds and soften the enemy enough for the Empire to counterattack. From that day forward he was called the Hero of Aswick and soon afterward he became a Knight Commander himself, leading the charge in many battles. During one campaign, He and his brother knights served valiantly alongside the Emperor and earned the Emperor's and history’s eternal recognition for their sacrifice to save the Emperor and the battle. This man, the Hero of Aswick took the Champions vow and lead his brother knights in one desperate final charge against the enemy. with most of his brother knights dying during the charge on horseback with lance or on foot with greatswords, the survivors followed There knightly champion until only he remained who fought his way through the enemy army and slew its warlord single-handedly before finally succumbing to his wounds. For his and the order's sacrifice, those who remained of the order had declared him a saint with the Emperor himself approving. In the thousand years since his death, he has become nothing more than a myth, a legend with some even debating whether or not he even existed in the first place but this fallen knight still remains a symbol to the order and many other knights and remains an example as what a knight should aspire to.

How far afield has the order ever traveled for war?

The order has gone to Bretonnia to take part in the errantry wars and a result has been heavily influenced by the Grail Knights of Bretonnia. Since then they have traveled all over in defense of those who cannot defend themselves or called upon to sieges on cities to save thousands.

order's most trusted ally

Bretonnian nobleman

order's most hated enemy?

Corrupted Knights of the Empire who fell to chaos or joined the Blood Dragons and of the Blood Knights in general.

order’s grandmaster pledged its service

The Order follows no count, They own there loyalty to the Empire and in it's defense, roaming the Empire during peacetime to help those in need or defend the weak and innocent when they can't themselves. As a result they take there oath to there mission very seriously.

How does the order appear in the eyes of others within the Empire?

Well Beloved: Individuals within the brotherhood take it upon themselves to network with people from all social strata. It can be difficult sowing, but the fruits are worth it. The order’s fame runs before it almost everywhere, to the point that people are awestruck with these knights being downright inspiring. People feel compelled to be their best and give it their all in their presence. This effect is especially useful on the battlefields

How wealthy is the order?

Humble: The order’s coffers are full enough to allow its members to do their job and live in relative comfort, but little else beyond that.

How prevalent are monstrous mounts (such as demigryphs) within the order?

Absent: The order owns no monstrous mounts

most venerated relics in the order’s possession?

An elaborate standard used by the Hero of Aswick and his knights that proudly displays the order’s full glory that.

An intricately sealed reliquary said to house “the very spirit of the order” that appeared mysteriously in the Order's castle fortress after the Hero of Aswick had fallen in battle.

With which heraldic sigil does the order represent itself?

A Religious Image, A golden Grail or the twin-tailed comet, shows devotion to the Lady of the Lake
The Laureled Skull represents glory without pride and the will to die for one’s cause
The Lily is a typically Bretonnian emblem which displays personal purity and chivalry, as well as strong a code of honor

on a side note, could an Imperial/Empire Knight become a Grail Knight?
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