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Can my IG army be led by Space Marines? As in HQ.

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Well as the title says, I'm thinking about having a Raven Guard HQ for my Steel Legion while I work on my Steel Legion HQ (Lots and lots of Sculpting/green stuff.)
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Alright, so One Space Marine and the rest IG? Kinda odd... a lot of times the Steel Legion was under the lead of Space Marines and Commissar Yarick, I think?
Hrmmm, okay but what Space Marine chapter was on Armageddon? Also was there any Inquisitors?
Sorry for double post, but can I make a Steel Legion Sniper Team? Its two Soldiers with Green Stuffed lasguns to look like Snipe Rifles, and the soldiers have a camouflage cloak that is worn in by the legs/ground and arms.
Well, I'm thinking either Raven Guard or maybe even a custom chapter similar to the Grey Knights only less physic but the Same style of Armor.
Ahhhh... fair enough then. I guess I'll just stick with my Guard HQ.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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