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Don't know if I should of posted it here, I would post in the homebrew section but right now it's just an idea and not is laid in stone yet but anyway I was wondering If I could create a Chapter similier to the black templers or is it basically the same?

My Idea

The Chapter is a codex crusading chapter
They have a BT like fleet
Constantly on crusades
Eventually they conquered a forge world(with Victorian/medieval culture) which they liked so much, they decided to take it as a home world and use it for constant recruits and training
For a time, the chapter "rests" on the home world before the chapter sends all it's companies to crusades to help combat varies threats across the Imperium in which all companies in a sense become there own self contained force.
One Company stays behind on the home world to keep order, train and recruit new brothers.
After losing communications with there companies, the Chapter master creates new companies to replace the old, gives them craft and sends them when ready

Homeworld is a jungle Forge world in a Victorian/medieval culture setting
The SM are worshipped as the Emperor's Angels of death(Demi-gods)
The SM company which the Chapter master is part of runs the world
Most of the SM in the company are regular veterans and Tech-marines which spend most of there repairing and master crafting gear for the company or the next company to be sent out into space.

SM Ranks

Squires- Neophytes basically but have recived all implantations and stay squires for years unlike regular scouts and Neophytes. They are appointed to a Veteran SM and help in all matters from cleaning and maintaining there armor and weapons to running orders and messages to other squads. They are not put into there own company.

Veteran - Standerd rank for the chapter but are considered veterans by other chapters as most with this rank are 200-300 years old and have mastered all forms of combat. They fill all roles

Templar Veteran - Veterans who is currently in a crusading company and has been crusading for years and have gained enough experience to be sergeants or sometimes captains. They are often 500-700 in years

Vanguard - Veterans which are basically like the Emperor's Champion with reciving visions from the Emperor or some form of Divinity however these SM's are often put into honour guard squads or put into regular squads where they are used to assault where the enemy is thickest, to hunt down and eliminate the leaders or to shatter defense lines. They are often the most skilled and deadly SM's in the chapter. There age can be anywhere from 100- 700 years in age

Vanguard Martyr - A veteran who has served in a Vanguard unit for centuries and survived so many battles while also showing extensive leadership abilities to keep his brothers alive that he has been given control of the Company. They are the living avatar/saints of the chapter and are esstianly captains to other chapters. Age can anywhere but are usually old

Vanguard Champion/Emperor's Wraith - Are Vanguards that have turned down promotion to Vanguard Champion in favor of bringing glory to the Chapter almost exactly like the Black Templars Emperor's Champion however they keep there tittle usually til death

Martyr Commander(prob come up with a better name) - Is the chapter master of the chapter, only a Vanguard Martyr can become a Martyr Commander and there is only one at a time obviously lol

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As to dedicated crusading chapters there are a few around most not as well known as the black templars, but some such as one that comes to mind is the onteresting army or the charcharadons (space sharks) the badab war talks of how they are a crusading chapter which has out into deeper space explorating and claiming world for the inperium.

Apart from that go wild, if its a new chapter write some fluff, paint some models and onward. (Also post it here on heresy always like some good models).
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