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My Time to shine ;)

Against Tau DE either want to be within 24" or over 31". The latter will require a good eye of distance.
Tau are fast, moving at the same speed as Dark Eldar. But Unlike DE, do not have the ability to move the core of it's army without spending a large amount of points on doing so.
Against Tau, the DE player should maximise out on Troop choices in raiders to his limit. 4 Troop choices in Raiders is a cheap and effective way of moving 40 men into hazard range.

DE will slice through Tau in CC like an Over-clocking Chainsaw through Mr Blobby.

Of course the Tau player will do his very best to prevent a close encounter (of a different kind LOLOL). So the DE player must invest in anti-transport caperbilities.

and to be fair, once in CC, Tau can do fuck all. Infact, DE are probably one of the few armies that can ignore Railheads. Yes they are a threat, but he should focus on crippling the Tau's speed. That way, the juicy part of the Tau is exposed.
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